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St Patrick's Day Word Search

The Gourmet Crossword will appeal to every epicure out there - food,
wine, recipes, famous chefs, cooking techniques, cuisines from around
the world... all these are featured in this delicious puzzle series!

Denise has been writing puzzles since she was a child, and has built up a reputation as a specialist puzzle writer over the past ten years. She is the senior author of \"Cracking Codes & Cryptograms For Dummies\" and author of \"Word Searches For Dummies\" (Wiley USA, 2009). She was technical editor on \"Spanish Word Games For Dummies\" and \"Brain Games For Dummies\".

With a background in science, music and art, a degree in graphic design, and over ten years\' experience as a web designer, Denise is a real \"Renaissance woman\", doing everything from research, puzzle writing, and illustration to the final design and layout.

Denise is the creator of the entirely new puzzle, the Secret Shape Word Find, which combines a find-a-word and a hidden picture, and is now available exclusively through Auspac Media. She also loves writing puzzles on special themes, such as cooking, history, music, science, and a host of other topics!

In conjunction with Auspac Media, Denise\'s exciting puzzles are now available for publishing in your publication.

Denise has a professional Facebook Page:

You can also find her author page on, if you like :

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Author: Denise Sutherland

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