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A vast selection of fresh, new and contemporary puzzles, plus those that have passed the test of time.


Your favourite Australian and overseas comics from the world’s most loved cartoonists. Available for syndication in print or digital formats.


A large variety of sizes and various levels of difficulty. Available for use daily, weekly or monthly.


Written by professional astrologers. The Sun, the Moon and the Stars all have a story to tell, helping provide insight into a person’s future.

Children’s Features

Fun activities for the younger audience, creating educational opportunities for children to learn.

Online Puzzles

Multiple platforms, mobile responsive, interactive crosswords and puzzles set to play. Hosted or self-hosted.

Paginated Pages

Made to your specifications or cost-effective print-ready pages are available, saving you both time and money.

Yearly Events

Themed content to meet your requirements for special events. Particularly Christmas, Easter, Australia Day and the Melbourne Cup.

Live Comic feeds

Lots of laughs from celebrated cartoonists offering a selection of comics for digital platforms. Feeds updated daily to your website.

Auspac Media – The Feature People

Established in 1939, Auspac Media is the oldest privately owned syndication company in Australia. We proudly supply content for all areas of publication, including newspapers, magazines, digital platforms, intranets and newsletters.

We represent a host of talented Australian creators and respected international agencies around the globe. We offer an extensive library of print-ready material for high-quality entertainment. Choose from a vast selection of comics, word puzzles, number puzzles, quizzes, crosswords, horoscopes, magazine articles and interactive digital content.

We help you select the best features to strengthen your brand and lock-in local readership. We offer paginated puzzle pages, finalised and proofread for a competitive rate, tailored to your requirements.

Auspac Media’s mission is to provide our clients with quality content at competitive prices and excellent customer service.

We are a local Australian agent and support Australian creators.