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Rugrats Sunday (CS)

A comic strip told from a baby's point of view. Rugrats is a sharp and witty strip for today's kids. Instead of talking down to its audience, it assumes kids are intelligent and discriminating readers. But children aren't the only ones attracted to Rugrats - adults find the precocious, adventuresome babies irresistible, too. By speaking to both audiences, we believe that Rugrats will delight your present reader as well as attract new fans, young and old, to your paper's comic pages. The Rugrats are Tommy, our one-year-old hero, and his friends, Chuckie, Phil & Lil, and his cousin Anglica. Whenever adults are around, the Rugrats seem to be acting like regular babies, but when they are alone, we discover they can talk to each other with the vocabulary of five years olds. As Tommy and his pals wobble through life, supported by legs not yet used to walking, they show us the world as a baby views and understands it. The Rugrats' world is one that exists below our knees: here mundane things and events turn into grand, comic adventures. Rugrats was created by Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo and Paul Germain. Nickelodeon is totally behind this strip, so you can rest assured it will be up to the same high standards Rugrats fans have come to expect. Let these lovable, real characters come to life on the pages of your newspaper, and attract both kids and parents to the comics. 

Author: Nickelodeon

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