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Quizzes for Women

A series of 30 Lifestyle quizzes with multiple choice answers. 8-10 questions per quiz. 

Demographic Women and covering several subjects.  Pets, Jobs, Relationships, Children, Parenting, Shopping, Safety, Music, Survival, Stress and much more.


How well do you know your partner?

1. Can you name your partner’s favourite musician?

  1. No
  2. Maybe
  3. Yes


2. Do you know where your lover was born?

  1. You have no idea
  2. You could hazard a good guess
  3. You know for certain


3. How well do you understand your partner’s job?

  1. You do not even know where he works
  2. You know his position but not the fine details
  3. You know it inside and out


4. There is a woman’s name in your spouse’s phone, you:

  1. Have no idea who it could be
  2. Can hazard a guess at her identity
  3. Know her


5. It’s your partner’s day off and he:

  1. Takes off to do his own thing
  2. Spends a little time with you
  3. Leaves most of the day open to spend with you


6. Have you introduced each other to your immediate families?

  1. No, none
  2. Some of them
  3. Yes, all of them


7. Would you say that your lover keeps many things private?

  1. Possibly, but you are not really sure
  2. Yes, you have noticed that he keeps some things to himself
  3. Occasionally, but usually you discuss things


8. Do you both know where you want your lives to be in five years?

  1. You are not certain what your partner wants
  2. You have discussed it, but not in-depth
  3. You know exactly what you both want


9. Could you order for your partner in a restaurant?

  1. Not at all
  2. Yes, but you may not pick his favourites
  3. Absolutely


10. Has your spouse ever broken the law?

  1. It has never come up
  2. You are not sure
  3. You know for certain, down to the last detail
  4. Mostly A: The great unknown

    There are quite a few aspects of your partner’s life that you are in the dark about. Have you talked with your lover and reached a brick wall? Or perhaps some of these questions have never come up. Spend a little more time getting to know each other; your partner may just want to know more about you too.

  5. Mostly B: and Mostly C: answers to be advised.

Author: Nikki Fowell

Author Bio: read

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