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Maggie Kerr - Babyscope

Insights and Guidance for babies born each year!

A few words about babies and Sun signs.

The Sun sign describes the qualities we are meant to grow into in our adult life, so this report offers insight to guide and support your special new family member toward their adult potential.  Mention of other planets in the solar system provides insight into various features of their makeup so it’s great to find out their Moon and Ascendant signs to complete the picture.

CAPRICORN        January 1 to 20 

These little people are destined to carry tremendous power and influence, so no surprise if they are flexing this potential early! Caps are the ambitious achievers of our world, and our 2016 pod carry blessings from lucky Jupiter in Virgo.  They will love order and precision and be great with ‘systems’ and organisation. They may be attracted to health service areas: doctors/vets/natural therapies.  You need to help them learn they don’t have to be perfect to get approval and that fun is as important as striving for excellence. This is a very old Soul in a baby body… do they already give you the ‘deep penetrating stare’, lol? This depth offers passion to transform and empower their world, they’ll love research and mysteries. “Still waters run deep” as they say, so be aware they need a soft touch to encourage warmth and closeness.  And lastly, with their ruling planet Saturn in Sagittarius, they will love learning, travelling and writing, which may indeed hold the key to their life outcomes. Enjoy the ride – it’s going to be busy!

AQUARIUS          January 21 to February 18

The symbolic ‘water carrier’ of Aquarius is the image of pouring down the clever inventive ideas that encourage progress in our world, and displays the humanitarian qualities they are famous for. They are ‘change agents’ who revolutionise existing conditions – we’ve sure seen plenty of this during 2016! They need freedom and scope to explore outside the box and often enjoy their own company rather than putting up with anything tedious. The downside here is that they can easily feel rejected when they dare to be different… which is what they are all about! So your job is to help them manage this with positive messages that ‘it’s cool to be different AND belong in society’. They are deep thinkers who love to know how things work and why… yep lots of tricky questions on the way and you better know the answers! With Venus in Capricorn they are hard-working and ambitious; they’ll be meticulous and organised as well. As the innovators in our world they have many strong and grounding features which underpin their leaning toward high achievement.

PISCES                  February 19 to March 20

The big feature for little 2016 fish is a marvellous connection from expansive lucky Jupiter in their opposite sign of Virgo. So everything will be BIG in their lives, with a tremendous need for meaning and purpose to drive their ongoing quest to learn and grow. Helping them learn moderation without limiting their adventurous spirit is important – encouraging their imagination and the pursuit of their dreams. Pisces and Virgo govern the helping healing professions both psychologically and physically, they also have a strong Mars in their story – that they are meant to be pioneers who bravely open new areas in their fields. Other options involve visual arts, so they may be either talented artists or technicians and producers who give birth to what we can only imagine in the decades to come! Bubs born February 19 to March 7 have lots of Aquarius, the sign of ideas and innovation; this adds to the story indicating they are clever and quick with their minds and mouths! Bubs born March 8 to 20 have extra planets in Pisces, so are much softer and sensitive… more like we expect from Pisces. They are very compassionate and may want to help and rescue others in need. 

ARIES                    Mar 21 to Apr 19

Rams are the activators of the Zodiac whose courageous energies pioneer fresh territory and discover new worlds. OK so that’s a given, but the news is that little 2016 rams are even more high octane than usual – so you’re going to need your vitamins to keep up with your new darling! This is in part due to the influence of Mars (who rules Aries) joining Saturn in the equally adventurous sign of Sagittarius; so here we meet the competitive sports kid/person… and I’m talking big stuff here at international levels! But Sag also brings us the philosophers, writers and educators whose work bravely inspires others in the pursuits of truth and purpose… think professors and major league journalists… get the idea? But there’s more! Revolutionary Uranus in Aries adds his original innovative zing to this story and an even greater dose of the independence Aries is famous for… think Star Trek and ‘bravely going where no man has gone before’. Firstly, your job is to keep up – then help them learn to look before they leap and be sensitive and kind to others along the way.

TAURUS               Apr 20 to May 20

Bulls are the builders and preservers of our world with a passion for all things natural and beautiful, so make sure you have music playing and art stuff around right through their babyhood. Tell your family instrument gifts are great but no drums! 2016 calves have a very uplifting feature from visionary Jupiter in Virgo… known as the lucky planet. This expands their potential enormously and fosters the need to do important things with a great sense of purpose with a precise and ordered quality. They will be organisers of systems that build splendid growth in environmental and food areas – or later on they could be attracted to health related careers. Let’s not forget art and music where precision features strongly! Jupiter also tends to do things to extremes – like all or nothing, so we have an even more robust little Bull than usual in 2016.  Helping them learn to find the middle road is important.  With planets in Sagittarius, they will love travelling and questing.  They have an optimistic approach and love new adventures… again not your typical Bull. Remember they are sensuous and love hugs!

GEMINI                                May 21   to June 20

Our 2016 twin people have some fascinating and complex energies to deepen and enhance their gifts and take them beyond the more superficial chatty qualities of the sign. Firstly we have hard-working ambitious Saturn in their opposite sign of Sagittarius bringing writing, teaching and travelling into the picture with international connections being important in their unfolding adult lives. This can bring some challenges too, as some kids may need kind support rather than heavy learning schedules to bring out their best.  Not too much authority – they will be hard enough on themselves without added pressure. Ultimately, they will become authority figures in their own right. Therefore your job is to nurture strength and self-responsibility at the same time as teaching them to enjoy the ride of life. Next we have a lovely feature in their nature from harmonious peace agent Venus who bestows social grace and a tremendous sense of justice in an unjust world. So law or human rights will be a natural fit here. Lastly we have a powerful Mars in Scorpio offering a deep need to transform, making old things new again!

CANCER               June 21 to July 22

2016 small Crabs will make wonderful contributions to our world, as the primary urge of Cancer to nurture and support others, has an extra dose of strength and power from Mars in Scorpio. This brings a strong will and pioneering spirit which sets the tone for an action child, who needs both freedom and space together with deep warmth and nurturing so that they feel safe.  This also confers a passion for healing with possible life paths involving psychology and the helping professions. This is further enhanced by Jupiter in Virgo bringing health and food into the equation.  They need simple clean food as they may have sensitive digestions and they may need the occasional sticking plaster!   They will also love money and managing resources, so may become the family ‘banker’ and indeed be drawn to financial service industries in adult life. Finally, you will love that they have sociable, harmonious Venus in Cancer, so they will love family gatherings. This also tells us that social justice and fairness is important in this family and will inspire this little soul to pursue those ideals.

LEO                        July 23 to Aug 22

Lion cubs are adorable creatures who grow to become formidable kings and queens who lead and motivate others with their passion and vitality. Consequently they do like to ‘hold court’ from an early age… have you noticed? Your 2016 Cub is a very strong character, courtesy of responsible ambitious Saturn, so they will enjoy being treated like a grown up very soon with chores and tasks to help them feel essential in the family. Leos are essentially creative beings and with Sagittarius a major ingredient in their potential, this creativity will involve a love of higher learning, philosophy and storytelling. They may be authors and journalists who dare to speak the truth… and this was a big theme in 2016 was it not?  They will love mythic, heroic quests – bring on the action heroes and classic stories – but more than this is an intense need to delve deeply into subjects that can empower their knowledge.  Bubs born August 1 to 22 have strong Virgo influences offering good practical grounding qualities. They’ll like things to be organised, neat and tidy, and be more practical than is typical for Lions.

VIRGO                  Aug 23 to Sept 22

Virgos are essentially humble service-orientated folks who don’t crave the limelight or desire to make waves in the world. They just like being useful and organising anyone who stands still for too long! Every 12 years lucky Jupiter visits each sign and yep this year’s bubs have this fabulous fortunate fellow in their sign to bestow his good fortune… a rare thing. This enhances these qualities and takes things to a whole new level, as this little person could actually produce the Olympic Games! Just a small potential catch here – this can also bring the more pedantic and critical qualities of Virgo front and centre. It’s very important to refrain from being too critical or exacting even though they may invite you to do this, as they will have high expectations of themselves and others.  This also amps up the urge to serve through health and wellness careers.  As they also have Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius strong in their story, they will love expanding their lives through higher learning and travel in their quest for knowledge and truth.

LIBRA                    Sept 23 to Oct 22

Lovely Librans are considered the beauties of the Zodiac whose role is not only to look good, but bring charm and grace to our world as peacemakers and diplomats, bringing people together.  When they arrived last year these goodies were enhanced big time by the presence of bountiful Jupiter with their Sun in Libra… a once in 12 year cycle considered to be uber lucky! Their ruling planet is Venus in Scorpio adding a sensuous depth and fascination for life’s hidden mysteries. They need gentle contact and may be a tad more cautious than typical of sociable Libra. There’s also major strength in their nature from Mars in Capricorn fostering ambition and endurance to set big goals and achieve them. Also Libra and Capricorn are both business signs, so they may seek high achievement both as kids and adults. Supporting their confidence to assert their needs will help any tendency to try hard to please others. This can be a feature in their lives as they like everyone to be happy, sometimes to their own detriment. Life goals may involve marketing/PR and justice/law as they are natural fighters for fairness for others.

SCORPIO              Oct 23 to Nov 21

Scorpios are the transformers of the Zodiac system whose job it is to empower and enrich everything they touch as they remake and remodel existing people and things. Their fascination for the underlying mysteries of life attracts them to psychology and research, as they can create safe spaces for people to bare their souls for healing and transformation. They are private people who don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves, thus a gentle touch is best with these kids so they feel safe to trust and reveal themselves. Bubs born between October 23 and November 9 have a strong Mars in Capricorn so will enjoy order and structure. This holds the key to life outcomes as ambitious achievers running the world… not a joke dear parent as no doubt they are already running the family! Bubs born November 10 to 21 have a busy Mars in Aquarius, setting the stage for high-tech, scientific IT-type action, plus a very humanitarian drive to be an innovator in decades to come.  This also brings an independent streak and love of their own company, rather than mixing with others on occasions.

SAGITTARIUS     Nov 22 to Dec 21

A very interesting little pod of Archers has just arrived to spread their Pegasus wings in their quest to encourage wisdom and tolerance on our planet in these challenging times. They are very well equipped for this, with the strength and ambition of Saturn also in Sagittarius to anchor them beyond the often carefree qualities of the sign. A very good education is high on the agenda for these kids, as they are the teachers and writers who will spread the word in their chosen fields. Sag loves to travel and explore foreign cultures and philosophies, so start saving for big family trips where you can experience their wonderment and joy with them. Their ruling planet Jupiter is in Libra, the sign of justice and peace.  With Mars in Aquarius we have a double dose of qualities that seek positive change and reform for the future of our planet. They are very bright kids with inventive minds needing lots of stimulus. They like to associate with original-thinking people. Life certainly will be exciting with this little Archer in your life!

CAPRICORN        December 22 to 31  2016

By year end our responsible ambitious little Caps arrived with prosperous Jupiter in Libra, bringing the themes of social justice and diplomacy as a major feature of their makeup and adult life path options. The international stage beckons them as diplomats and peacemakers at a high level, as their natural attraction is to achievement in government or corporate global affairs. Sounds big and it is! There is also a lovely dose of sensitivity and intuition on offer from planets in Pisces; this softens their nature and brings compassion with the need to help the victims of our world. So with this feature you’ll need to help them discern true victims from those who just don’t want to be responsible for themselves.  To learn to trust their intuition is an equally important ingredient of their serious analytical mind. Lastly, we have Uranus in their story inspiring them to be pioneers and entrepreneurs who dare to create a just and fair world. Quite an amazing Soul has just arrived at your house!

Author: Maggie Kerr AAT

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