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Financial Year Forecast by Sudhir

Three of the slow moving outer planets change signs this year. These planets determine the strongest underlying astrological currents. Jupiter, who invokes expansion, fortune and growth, moves into Scorpio mid-year. He is the planet of entrepreneurs. In Libra he is light, interested in harmony, balance and aesthetics. In Scorpio he will be interested in emotional realness, intensity and transformation. Anything that has been glossed over in your business, or organisation, will be unearthed and exposed. For the courageous ones who can work with truth, this is an opportunity for fiscal and creative transmutation. Saturn, the planet of discipline and crystallisation, moves from Sagittarius to his home sign, Capricorn. Wherever there are old structures that won’t move, rigidity has set in. Rigidity is unhealthy and can’t last. Where people are able to bank on their own wisdom, rather than relying on the status quo, they will find new strength that is vital, flexible and alive. Finally, Uranus, whose job it is to remind we humans of the dignity and responsibility that comes with freedom, moves into Taurus. This happens near the end of the financial year. In Aries he has inspired a certain derring-do. People have mistaken excess for freedom and in the process added fuel to the fires of reactivity. As he moves into Taurus, we will be reminded of the value of common sense.

ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

Uranus will spend one final year in Aries. As a planet, Uranus is known to be a harbinger of unpredictable change. This sometimes comes in the form of sudden shifts in circumstance that shock even hardy Rams. Uranus is also known as a bringer of liberation. Sometimes liberation comes whether we want it or not. It’s not always easy to be grateful when we are unceremoniously removed from our cages. We are often deeply attached to the things that hem us in. Three quarters of the way through the financial year you will be required to express your views in a public forum. Fame and infamy are always a hair’s breadth apart. Know what you are talking about before you put your views on display in the public sphere. As you find attention and authority, so your motives will be quickly available for all to see. Make sure your intentions are noble.

TAURUS (Apr 21 – May 20)

Life is slowly bringing your courage and your shiny individuality, to the surface. As you get used to the fact that you really are being given encouragement and support by the community around you, so it becomes easier to take a stand, to speak your piece. As you are ruled by the planet Venus, so you are essentially moved by delight. When you are not delighted, you stop in your tracks. When pushed, your heels go in. When shoved, you can charge. It’s ok to go slowly. It’s ok to build your resources up incrementally. If your foundations are built around those people and things that bring you joy, then you will not be easily rocked when major change does come – as it will near the end of the coming financial year. If you take heed of the above, when the shift arrives, you will be ready to ride it like a skateboard master. A bull on a skateboard is really something.

Author: Sudhir Dean - PUBLISHED AUTHOR

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