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Combiku Puzzle

It is easy to play but challenging to solve and appeals to the same people who like Sudoku.

The rules are simple:

You are given a 5x5 board which contains some numbers and letters on it.

Your objective is to complete the board by placing exactly one Number and one Letter in each square.

The conditions to satisfy are :

Two squares cannot have the same combination Number-Letter.

A Number or Letter cannot be repeated in the same column or row.

 Usually the possible numbers are from 1 to 5, and the letters are from A to E.

Combiku puzzles are rated from 1 to 5 stars (5 being the hardest). Puzzles from 1 to 4 stars can be solved without guessing, they only require careful logical analysis. Puzzles with 5 stars may require a little guessing at one moment or another. But in all the cases there is always one and only one solution.

Be aware that the logic rules that you apply to solve Sudoku may not be enough for Combiku, you will be forced to look at the puzzle in a more holistic way.

Author: Jamie Foronda

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