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Binary BrainSnack

Available 6x per week. Four different levels of difficulty - you choose!

Several size grids available.

Binary BrainSnack is a new, easy to learn, logic puzzle for young adults and adults.

The difference with Sudoku and other derivates, like Futoshiki and Kakuro, is that with this puzzle you only use the two digits 0 and 1 from the binary numeral system to fill the grid in accordance with three simple rules. The puzzles are made with human-logic algorithms.

Directions for Even Binary puzzle

1. Complete the grid with zeros and ones until there are just as many zeros and ones in every row and every column.
2. No more than two of the same number can be next to or under each other.
3. Rows or columns with exactly the same content are not allowed.

Directions Odd Binary puzzle
The directions for the odd puzzles are the same as those for the even puzzles with the exception that each row and column must contain an extra one. e.g. the rows and columns of an odd 13x13 grid must contain 6 zeros and 7 ones.

There is only one valid solution per puzzle that can be reached through logic and clear thinking alone!

Author: PeterFrank

For further enquiries, please email contact us or call us on 07 5553 3200.

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