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Battleships (PM)

Each battleship puzzle represents a section of ocean with a hidden fleet of one aircraft carrier, two battleships, three cruisers and four destroyers. The different ships are constructed as follows:

Destroyers consist of a single round segment. All other ships have two end segments while aircraft carriers and battleships also have middle segments.

The ships maybe orientated horizontally or vertically within the grid so that no ship touches another, but not diagonally. Any remaining squares in the grid contain water segments, which are shown as a symbol of water. The number on the bottom and on the right of the grid show how many squares in the corresponding rows and columns are occupied by ships.

Occasionally some squares may contain given ship or water segments as hints to help start the puzzle. The object is to discover where all 10 ships are located.

Available 6x per week

Author: Puzzler Media distributed by Auspac Media

For further enquiries, please email contact us or call us on 07 5553 3200.

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