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Astrology monthly by Kim Fairminer




August promises all kinds of fun and frivolity, thanks to the first stirrings of Spring, the Full Moon in your friendship sector, and your boss planet Mars getting a high five from Jupiter in your cash sector. Your uncanny ability to spot a bargain or lucrative business opportunity - especially online - continues to mid-month. Enthusiasm begins to wane in the last week, so front load your monthly calendar before things start to feel like a lot of hard work. You love a challenge though so even when the going gets tougher, you will still have your eye on the prize.



Whatever has had you feeling like pushing the proverbial uphill in recent weeks is where you will have your greatest breakthrough. While the Full Moon has you shining at work, it’s your private life that truly holds your attention. By mid-month everything changes as your boss babe planet Venus begins a fresh cycle. With some key changes (and perhaps some new cushions) you regain your rightful status as sovereign of your home, family, and inner happy place. With peace and predictability restored to your realm, you can begin to assess the nuances of pleasures and pick up a forgotten hobby.



Give your mind a well-deserved break and heed the call to adventure around the Full Moon. Your boss might not be too happy about it, but you need some quiet time with yourself. Quirky luxury is your best bet for a truly enriching experience that cracks open previously locked intellectual treasures. As the month progresses, trickster Mercury slows down for the retrograde cycle which could see misunderstandings escalate into arguments at home or with family. Slow down your internal chatter and try not to nitpick. This energy is better directed towards sorting the recycling and clearing out your home office.



Yay. Your annual angst-ridden Full Moon has you worrying about a taxation audit and the lifespan of your retirement savings. You flirt with the idea of escaping from these fiscal phantoms by booking a one-way flight to somewhere fabulous; however, logic gets in the way of this otherwise perfect plan. The latter half of August is a great time to re-strategise how you can continue making pious offerings to the ghosts of financial security without selling your soul. The New Moon looks promising for a collaborative income stream, and you could find yourself with an at-home business emerging at month’s end.



Happy birthday, Leo. There’s nothing you love more than having an adoring partner by your side reminding you how wonderful you are. This Full Moon asks that you pull back on the spending as well as sharing a little of the limelight. An aesthetic epiphany takes place mid-month, and you finally settle on the creative direction you are willing to commit to. This isn’t something to be rushed so I urge you to create an elaborate mood board as well as budget projections before you get busy with the scissors. Mercury retrograde means you need to keep your receipts.



You’re feeling a bit agitated lately and need more exercise, more sex, and/or a holiday. All three would be ideal. The Full Moon reminds you just how hard you have been working and how much you’ve been giving to others. This is definitely something you should meditate on. Again. The otherworld is full of wisdom as well as the peace you long for. Mercury retrograde in your sign could induce a crisis of confidence, which has your questioning your life and your career. Don’t hurry, you have plenty of time to work meditate through this. Doing less is more efficient.



August is all about finding new ways to have fun (or rediscovering what you used to do for fun before you became a responsible adult). Spending time with children or revisiting your inner child around the Full Moon helps you remember that you are a playful creator with a vivid imagination. Take a leadership role and gather a group together mid-month to embark upon a colourful new social activity. It will morph and grow in unexpected ways. You might even eventually decide to go it alone, but nothing will happen if you don’t start. Be bold and go for it!



Like a bag of microwave popcorn, the Full Moon declares the culmination of a recent domestic arc. There’s not much more to be done other than to watch your plans for your home and family come to fruition. Release the steam and bask in what you have achieved. It is significant (and tasty). Be patient and continue to allow time for your cherished personal vision to fully manifest. Creative career aspirations stir midmonth. Some experimental networking could spark up unexpected business collaborations and reanimate your social life. It is worth dusting off your Linkedin profile and reconnecting with long lost workmates.



Keep a close eye on your calendar in early August, as you’re a busy bilby under the Full Moon light, hopping hither and thither around your neighbourhood and favourite online spaces. You are setting a cracking pace at work too and are a strong contender for employee of the month. Truth be told though, it feels increasingly hollow as the month progresses and –  true to sign – you start dreaming of far-off places. You might well stumble across an amazing deal around the New Moon and book your exotic escape. Check with your boss as well as your passport.



You’re a cool customer and certainly shrewd with money. This month you start to see how all the little pieces could potentially fit together. You love a definitive pathway forward even if it is laced with more than a few potholes. That metaphor could also play out literally, with hiccups to your travel plans, so don’t skimp on the insurance. Children could come cap-in-hand to the parental bank around the New Moon. You’re in a surprisingly generous mood – as long as you’re invited to the party. The festive mood winds up in the last week and ambition takes the lead.



The Full Moon gives you license for a rare PDE (public display of emotion). Don’t worry, it’ll blow over in a jiffy. The planets are currently stacked in your western hemisphere meaning life is all about other people – their feelings, their money, what they want from you. This isn’t a bad thing as, through these encounters, you may inadvertently discover what you want for yourself. Mercury retrograde suggests it may be a refund. A vibrant new cycle begins in your relationship sector around the New Moon, promising renewed partnership energy whether you are a single or coupled Aquarian.



A strategic absence from the social scene around the Full Moon will not only make hearts grow fonder; it will also help you get stuff done. Your to-do list looks rather chockers. You could discover an amazing organisational app or productivity hack midmonth to help you wrangle all the amazing activities you have afoot. Ask yourself though, who are you really serving with all these acts of service? Is it having an impact on your health and wellbeing? Mercury retrograde is poised to add some partnership chaos, so try to keep one end of your candle unburnt.

Author: Kim Fairminer

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