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ANZAC DAY trivia quiz questions x 50


       1.   In what year was the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps formed?

(a) 1913

(b) 1914

(c) 1915

(d) 1916

       2.   General Peter Cosgrove received a Military Cross for his service in which war?

       3.   The Puckapunyal Military Area is located in    which Australian state or territory?

       4.   What does the acronym, HMAS, stand for?

       5.   The 1971 Five Power Defence Arrangements is a security agreement between Australia and which other                   four countries?

       6.   In 2009, the withdrawal of Australia’s combat contingent from which country was completed?

       7.   Who wrote the war-related song, Smiley, which was a hit for Ronnie Burns in 1970?

       8.   Operation Slipper was the Australian Defence Force’s contribution to the war in which country?

       9.   Who were Australia’s three Prime Minister’s during WWI?

    10.   Which flower is the symbol of remembrance of soldiers who have died during wartime?

Author: Ric Allport

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