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15x15 Cryptic 040 crossword.  This 7 page booklet includes 12 Cryptic 040 crosswords with solutions for printing on your personal printer. 

From renowned creator Donald Harrison, these cryptic crosswords can’t damage your health but they will exercise your grey matter!

With his puzzles being published in a variety of major Australian newspapers, Donald’s distinct, entertaining style has earned him many fans. These cryptics will entertain and test your skills, be warned – they may become addictive.

Please note that these crosswords may contain adult references and are not always politically correct. These booklets are for adults only and by continuing with your purchase, you accept and understand this disclaimer.   

Copyright: These crosswords and puzzles are protected by copyright and are the property of Auspac Media. No part of these features may be reproduced in whole or in part in any form without written permission from Auspac Media. Your purchase is for personal use only and not for publication.

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