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Weekly Horoscopes (KF)

Aquarius 20 Jan -- 18 Feb
A friend’s critical comment could be perceived as being quite hurtful around the 6th. Realise that it is because of his/her insecurity, rather than your shortcomings where this is coming from. It may be better to remain quiet about this for now, but if you feel compelled to speak out, do so after the 8th. Family demands are such that you need to be more present than you have been of late.

Pisces 19 Feb -- 20 Mar
Try not to speak too much of that person you admire at work this week as your partner might currently be plagued by his/her own inner fears. This does not imply that you have anything to hide, but it is more a case of being sensitive to him/her. Think of it as being silent support. A newcomer in your circle of friends will inspire you to do something concrete about a goal you have.

Aries 21 Mar -- 19 Apr
Do your very best to cheer up someone close to you who currently seems a bit down in the dumps. Perhaps you have been too pre-occupied at work and have, inadvertently, neglected him/her. You’re in a bit of a fix since so much is happening at work and you definitely don’t want to lose out. Luckily, you have plenty of energy but do talk to a friend who has an excellent tip.

Taurus 20 Apr – 20 May
Fight negativity with all you might this week. Chances are that you have one too many bill to pay and the accumulated effect is getting you down. Just like one swallow does not make a summer, so does one extra account not make you bankrupt. Inspiration is forthcoming from someone you work with. You should also consider talking to someone at work about your predicament.

Gemini 21 May -- 20 Jun
Your partner apparently does not seem to share your concerns about a family member or a domestic problem you’re facing. Talk to a relative who is not so closely involved and you’ll find that you get new insights into the situation. A financial situation that affects the entire family needs to be handled with care although things are moving in the right direction. There’s reason to be hopeful.

Cancer 21 Jun -- 22 Jul
If a colleague is making life difficult for you as far as getting the right information is concerned, you have to outsmart him/her rather than confront him/her. After the 8th, you will find that people around you are much more co-operative than you had thought and this alone will win you friends rather than enemies. Sometimes it’s better to gain information in an indirect manner.

Leo 23 Jul -- 22 Aug
Don’t be alarmed if you feel that your creative juices are running a little dry at present. Chances are that you need to take a pause in order to re-assess the direction you’re going. In the meantime, it will be really useful if you can get those systems in place that will make the running of your daily life so much smoother. A young person has great admiration for you and not shy to say so.

Virgo 23 Aug -- 22 Sep
Unfortunately, you may have to be the ogre at home who is putting structuring measures into place. For a home to run smoothly and effectively, various parties need to co-operate and agree with one another. If this is not happening, you will have to step in and create order. There is also some fun to be had, so there’s no need to get miserable about the prospects of this week.

Libra 23 Sep -- 22 Oct
If you are used to having your own way, it may come as a surprise to learn that you’re facing a bit of an uphill struggle this week. This is likely to be a temporary situation but use this opportunity to re-evaluate where you stand. It’s too easy to take someone who loves you for granted which is not how nature intended it to be. Be pro-active in rekindling your love and affection for each other.

Scorpio 23 Oct -- 21 Nov
You and your beloved are clashing over a friend this week. It is totally understandable if you’re taking the side of a friend who is guilty of criticising your partner. You, of all people know just how private you are and should apply the same set of rules to others. In this instance, a sibling is a great source of support to lean on emotionally and to act as a sounding board. Rekindle a family connection.

Sagittarius 22 Nov -- 21 Dec
Luckily you have lots of self-confidence as you’re going to need to remind yourself of this during the course of this week. A critical person at work is nitpicking over things you have and have not done which is bound to irk you beyond words. A well-timed joke or sarcastic remark will remind him/her that you are not to be messed with. Your money situation is better than you think.

Capricorn 22 Dec -- 19 Jan
It’s a bit of a drag, but rather don’t say anything about that person at work than to put your foot in it this week. In any case, the new moon on the 8th falls in your sign which places you at the centre of the attention at present. If, however, you feel that you’re being deliberately obstructed, it is in the interest of the business to alert someone in a position of authority. You’re not being a telltale.

Author: Petra du Preez

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