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Valentine's Day - Love Signs

1570 Word count ...

Aries - The Ram
21st March - 19th April

Keywords:  Adventurous, independent, selfish, aggressive
Love colours:  Red, scarlet
Love potion:  Verbena, cinnamon, geranium

Ariens are assertive, independent and scorchingly sexy - turned on by the thrill of the chase, and dangerous, fast living.  Horrified of conventional routines - in bed and out, Aries is the initiator....the performer....the dynamo.  Your strong sexual appetite demands satisfaction. While other zodiac signs dream, Ariens can turn racy fantasies into blissful reality.  But being so impulsive and easily bored, you need a mate with a libido as fervent as yours.  If the challenge dies, so does the interest. That’s the bad news.  The good news is that partners find you to be a truly erotic playmate, with each move and sensation leaving them begging for more.  

TAURUS - The Bull
20th April - 20th May

Keywords:   Sensual, reliable, stubborn, possessive
Love colours:  Deep green, dark orange
Love potions:  Rose, lilac, jasmine

Although seductive and irresistible...deep down, Taureans can be quite conservative.  With emotions and sexuality so closely linked -  falling in bed usually means falling in love. For you, trust is as important as technique.  You need to be cherished, desired and truly adored.  Warm and giving, you prefer slow, steady romance to a more aggressive approach. The Taurean imagination runs rampant when presented with subtle suggestion and sensual delights such as scented oils, good food and wine. Only you can focus your attention so completely on your partner.  And as all Taureans know that “practice makes perfect”, you’re never in too much of a hurry.

GEMINI -The Twins
21st May - 21st June

Keywords:   Talkative, versatile, flirtatious, restless
Love colours:  Deep  yellow, orange
Love potions:  Lavender, hyacinth, musk

The vivacious Gemini captivates lovers with an alluring magnetism and seductive charm.  You’re a fascinating, fast-talking lover; and it takes a special sort of partner to tie you down. Being restless, inquisitive and sexually adventurous, you adore surprises and the appeal of the unexpected. An exploratory imagination is your hottest turn-on - with provocative suggestions, teasing and flirtation often being far more fun than sex itself.  Let’s face it, Gemini, you’ll try anything once!  But partners must be intellectually as well as physically attractive.  Stimulating conversation is just important as sexual variety.  Either way, falling into a boring routine would be the kiss of death.  

Author: Tanya Obreza

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