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Valentine's Day Astrology Forecast

Aries - The Ram

21st March - 20th April

2016 Love and Sex 

While the cat’s away, the mice will play.  As the cosmos temporarily drops its stern watch over your love life, February and the months that follow let you shed your inhibitions.  Singles now have energy to burn, so enjoy these sassy flirtations.  Couples should also expect dramatic transformations, with nothing held back.  And if you learn to balance professional responsibilities with an active love life, you’ll enjoy both.

Do Opposites Attract?

Your opposite sign is Libra, whose love of romance, coupled with your raw sexuality, sparks passion.  

Who’s Right For You?

Aries - Ego clash

Taurus - Move on

Gemini - Sensational

Cancer - Ecstatic

Leo - A sensual pairing

Virgo - Lack of challenge

Libra - Opposites attract 

Scorpio - Delightful duo

Sagittarius - Perfect match

Capricorn - A sexual dampener

Aquarius - Too demanding

Pisces - Simply thrilling


TAURUS - The Bull

21st April - 21st May

2016 Love and Sex 

This Valentine’s Day love, and your search for it, takes priority — with your growing self-confidence becoming an irresistible lure for potential soul mates.  Not satisfied with merely existing together, each partner’s needs gets an open airing with a view to finding common ground.  What you’re really after is a mutual and comfortable level of understanding. Put an end to old feuds and welcome all that’s new.  Singles will surely be doing just that.  

Do Opposites Attract?

Your opposite sign is Scorpio.  Their sexual appetite and your sensuality could form a spirited union, but beware the scorpion’s sting.  

Who’s Right For You?

Aries - Challenging

Taurus - Opt for friendship

Gemini - Move on

Cancer - Deeply sensual

Leo - Ego clash

Virgo - Perfect match

Libra - Homely heaven

Scorpio - Opposites attract

Sagittarius - Short-term only

Capricorn - Soul connection 

Aquarius - Sexual dissatisfaction

Pisces - Sensational


Author: Tanya Obreza

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