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Ten Question Quiz (AF)

A&N: Trivia 12
1   What is the capital city of California, USA?
2   Which female actor won the Academy Award in 1994?
3   When is the Melbourne Cup held?
4   What is the monetary unit of Vietnam? 
5   What is a fellah in Arabic-speaking countries?
6   The George Bernard Shaw play Pygmalion was the basis for which musical? 
7   What is a cheval glass?
8   In which Australian State would you find Normanton?
9   When was the Magna Carta introduced?
10  When was Billy Hughes, Prime Minister of Australia, representing the Nationalists?
A&N Trivia 13
1   The year 2000 was the Chinese Year of the Horse. True or false?
2   How many parts of the play Henry VI did Shakespeare write?
3   What gemstone applies to the month of May?
4   In the movie Finding Nemo what type of fish is Nemo?
5   What is your tibia?
6   What is the Capital of Pakistan?
7   What is a tetrad?
8   The Victory in 1902 was the first Melbourne Cup winner of four for which Jockey? 
9   When was Gough Whitlam Prime Minister of Australia?
10  What is the currency unit of Russia?
A&N Trivia 14
1  What is the chemical symbol for tungsten?
2  What is sinology?
3  What is odontalgia better known as?
4  What year was the 1st Ironman event held?
5  In the Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho what is the name of the killer?
6  In art, what is impasto?
7  What is Tombac?
8  When was the first Rugby League Match on the Sydney Cricket Ground? 
9  Quag is another name for what?
10 The Great Australian Bight is part of which ocean?

Author: Alex Findlay

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