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Tanya Obreza - Who's Right For You

Sex by the stars!

Knowing your compatibility has more significance for your love life than you think! It\'s based on astrological Synastry, which is the system of comparing astrological signs to determine how well they get along.

By looking at different zodiac sign, certain assumptions can be made about where the strengths and weakness of particular partnerships lie. Though it must be remembered that astrology does not hold your fate in its hands, there\'s no harm in taking advantage of planetary wisdom which spans back thousands of years. So read on to find out which signs are your best bet for romance!

21st April - 21st May
The Taurus Woman
With Taurus, emotions and sexuality are closely linked - so for you, falling in bed usually means falling in love. You need to be desired and adored, with a definite preference for subtle suggestion and unhurried sensuality. After all, practise makes perfect. Your ultra sensuous sign was also born to enjoy the best in life.  Luxuries are to be relished, albeit leisurely. But if challenged, you stand firm with bullish determination. Though some find this obstinacy too much too handle, others are seduced by your innate sensuality and seductive charm. After all, passion is your birthright.
The Taurus Man
Few would deny this man\'s need for control. Taurus prefers life to be steady and sure. With his reliable feet firmly placed on solid ground, Taurus is there to support you in every way. Stability is important. But when making commitments, he won\'t like to be rushed. Stay patient. Your reward?  Deep
devotion, and unyielding passion.  Love with this man is solid, secure...and for keeps. 
Who\'s Right For You?
If you\'re a Taurus, and he or she.....
Aries        Challenging            The fiery Aries nature can be a tad too impulsive for you.  In any case, their ego would demand constant attention.
Taurus        Opt for friendship        You\'re both so similar, there\'s no one to take the lead.  You\'ll have fun, but there\'s little chance of long term passion.     
Gemini    Move on            There are times when opposites attract, but very rarely with this pairing.  Gemini\'s too skittish.  Friendship\'s more likely. 
Cancer    Perfect match!        Best life mate material.  Cancer shares your love of beauty and deep sensuality.  You\'re also a great sex match.
Leo        Ego clash            Way too much mutual stubbornness here, with very little give and take.  Leos can fancy  themselves more than you.
Virgo        Perfect match!        Virgo\'s strong sense of values and reliable ways instantly appeal. Love should fit as comfortably as a glove.
Libra        Cosy                      You really do complement each other sexually.  But Libra\'s a delicate soul, so be gentle.
Scorpio    Opposites attract        Scorpio\'s passion coupled with your earthy sensuality could bond a spirited union.  Just beware the Scorpion sting. 
Sagittarius    Short term only        Sagittarius needs constant adventure. Unless you can provide it, a long term relationship doesn\'t look promising.
Capricorn    Perfect match!        Expect a soul connection here. The Capricorn man is as sexy, ambitious and persevering as you.
Aquarius    Challenging            This man\'s detached bed manner can make you feel inhibited and tense.  You\'ll rarely feel truly desired.
Pisces        Sensational            Pisces finds you wonderfully sensual and will happily share your uninhibited fantasies.  Sex can be wild.
The zodiac signs most likely to capture your heart are:
       Enigmatic Pisces
       Vibrant Virgo
       Capable Capricorn

Author: Tanya Obreza

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