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Tanya Obreza - Understanding You

Understanding You with Astrology

Aries - The Ram
21st March to 20th April

Key Words: Assertive, competitive, dynamic
Ruling Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Colours:  All shades of red
Guardian Angel:  Camael, Angel of Strength & Courage
Karmic purpose:  TO DO

Aries is all about action for its own sake. Your raw energy adds spark and charisma wherever you go. Impossible to ignore, you’re ready to try anything once. Very little daunts Aries - although you dread not being able to do whatever, whenever. You need to be in control, and are always ready to fight for what you believe in.  If under attack, your first instinct is to act first and ask questions later. Emotions are impulsive. When you’re happy, it’s a jump-up-and-down kind of happy; when angered or upset, your aggression can be overpowering. Fortunately, you’re quick to forgive - but not necessarily forget.  You’re always busy, though it can be hard for you to take direction or advice when needed - possibly because many Ariens learn early in life that if their needs are going to be met, they have to do it themselves. This is the sign of a true survivor.

Taurus - The Bull
21st April - 20th May

Key Words: Stubborn, determined, down to earth, sensual
Ruling Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Colours: Deep greens and blues
Guardian Angel: Hagiel, Angel of Beauty and Grace
Karmic purpose: TO BUILD

Few would deny your need for control.  Once you get a fixed idea in your mind, you stubbornly adhere to what you believe in and always finish what you’ve started.  This determination enables you to achieve levels of success that others only dream of.  Taureans are the builders of the zodiac - you need to put down solid foundations.  There’s not much that can daunt a Bull, except for a lack of money.  You know the peace of mind financial security brings, and you aim to get it.  Friends and partners are often in awe of such firm resolution.  When making commitments, you don’t like to be rushed, but when you do finally agree to a project, idea or relationship, you tenaciously hang on to it.  Carried to extremes, this can lead to getting stuck in an all-too-familiar rut.  The Bull can also have a quick temper, and will instinctively charge when under attack.  

Gemini - The Twins
21st May - 21st June

Key Words: Thought, communication, adaptability, active
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Element:  Air
Colours: Yellow, orange
Guardian Angel: Raphael, Angel of Communication
Karmic purpose: TO COMMUNICATE

Geminis rarely keep to one thing at a time. Your mercurial mind needs to learn, read, study and dissect. And you enjoy pleasing others. The downside is that you don’t always know how to please yourself.  What most see rarely reflects your true feelings and, at times, the deep loneliness inside.  Yours is a highly sensitive body - especially your nervous system. There’s also an inclination to change your mind without warning.  Although you enjoy friendships, on a more on-to-one basis - you need a relationship that won’t tie you down.  Nonetheless, when truly committed, you can be generous, loving and loyal.  And even after a romance ends, you mostly manage (or hope) to stay friends.  Geminis are the most likely to be a twin or have twins.  You could also possibly have two mothers, or mother-figures, in your life.  The best news?  You’re blessed with a youthfulness that lasts through the years.  

Cancer - The Crab
22nd June - 23rd July

Key Words:  Protective, caring, sensitive, moody, loving.
Ruling Planet: The Moon
Element: Water
Colours: White, Silver, pearl
Guardian Angel: Gabriel, Angel of Mercy and Devotion
Karmic purpose: TO LOVE

You feel with every sense of your being.  Driven by powerful emotions, you’re either ecstatic or sad - rarely anything in between. And even though you try to keep emotions under control, tears come easily - sometimes embarrassingly so in public.  Suppressed emotions, in particular, can erupt in a sudden, intense outpouring. Heartfelt tears also flow from true compassion. You can’t bear to see anyone or anything in pain. But if you’re betrayed or taken for granted, the pain can linger for years.  Silence is usually your weapon of choice.  Cancer worships loved ones and the home with devotion and almost unconditional sacrifice. You’re always there for family and friends.  Not only do you want to love and be loved, you need the support and approval from those around you, especially your mother or a close mother-figure. You were born with a helping hand and a sympathetic heart. Little wonder you’re so loved.

Author: Tanya Obreza

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