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Tanya Obreza - Bridle Style for Him

Aries - The Ram

21st March - 19th April

Keywords: Competitive, courageous, hot-headed, loving

Vulnerable to: Headaches, irritability, accidents

Hobbies: Jogging, gym, team sports, cars, DIY

Aries is a masculine sign, ruled by dynamic Mars, the planet associated with courage, competition and sexuality.   The thrill of pursuit—and dangerous, fast living—delight him!  His idea of a perfect partner? A mate with a libido as fervent as his own.  Aries love is loyal, passionate and faithful—unless, of course, romance falls into a dull routine.  If the challenge dies, so does his interest.  This is a pioneering and ambitious man.  A born leader, no one can inspire and motivate others like Aries ... especially if he’s allowed total control.  But if you need to win him around to your side—try flattery and admiration, it works every time.  But Aries’ tendency to leap impulsively into life can also court disaster.  With his erratic lifestyle, he’s more accident-prone than most.  In order to avoid physical and emotional burn-out, help him control and channel excessive, volatile energy.  As he is a great athlete, regular exercise or competitive sports are excellent ways to work off steam and aggression. Whatever life brings, your headstrong Aries will constantly keep you on your toes.  Don’t expect the years ahead to be peaceful or quiet … but would you have it any other way?!

TAURUS - The Bull

20th April - 20th May


Keywords: Patient, persevering, overindulgent, sensual

Vulnerable to: Weight gain, indigestion, sore throats

Hobbies: Gym, golf, the arts, walking, DIY, music


The Taurean man prefers life to be unhurried, steady and sure—he’ll be dependable and faithful. With his reliable, practical feet firmly placed on solid ground, Taurus will be there to support you in every way—financially, emotionally and physically.  Love is for keeps.  But there’s no point trying to force your bullheaded Taurean into doing something against his will.  The stubborn silence will be deafening.  Be patient.  His deep devotion, strong values and honesty outweigh any flaws.  Rarely inattentive, Taurus is always ready to lavish adoration and praise.  With emotions and sexuality closely linked, his passionate, sensual nature genuinely appreciates the beauty of a woman’s body—and the many other comforts and luxuries of life.  He knows how to relax, and loves to spend long, lazy hours languishing in bed.  Join him … and things will really warm up!  Even though you may have to gently encourage Taurus towards action and achievement, he’ll repay your commitment with a lifetime of lasting love and respect.  While sturdy Taurus doesn’t readily give in to illness, watch his diet as he may be inclined to put on weight.  Maintaining a regular fitness routine can also prove difficult.  Suggest long, romantic walks on the beach or in the countryside … preferably under moonlight!

Author: Tanya Obreza

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