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Tanya Obreza - Bridal Style for Her

Aries - The Ram

21st March - 19th April

Keywords:  Courageous, inspiring, impulsive, energetic, impatient

Lucky colours: Red, scarlet

Lucky number: 9

Birthstone: Diamond (innocence)

Flowers: Tiger lilies, roses

Lucky charm: Scarlet red garter

The stunning Aries bride will radiate confidence, style and beauty.  Her fiery nature burns with passion and pride — so don’t expect any nervous tears.  She’ll boldly stride down the aisle —delighting in being the centre of attention.  A careful study of her character reveals an abundance of courage, strength and defiance.  This determined bride sees her wedding day as yet another challenge to be conquered with the minimum of fuss and an abundance of determination.  Even if her heart does miss the occasional beat, emotions will be well under control — except, of course, for a dramatic and well-timed tear.  The bridal gown will reflect her individuality and strength.  Forget flounces, frills and bows; the Aries bride will choose a sexy, sleek style designed to make a powerful impact.  She adores the opulence of silk and satin ... enhanced with lace and rich gold trimmings.  Add the sexy sophistication of an off-the-shoulder neck line, perhaps some simple but stunning scarlet red roses ... and watch the groom melt before her breathtaking beauty.

TAURUS - The Bull

20th April - 20th May

Keywords:  Persistent, determined, practical, stubborn, possessive

Lucky colours: Deep green, reddish-orange

Lucky number: 6

Birthstone: Emerald (happiness)

Flowers: Roses, poppies, violets

Lucky charm: Rose petals wrapped in silk

Each step down the aisle towards lasting happiness will strengthen this bride’s love and commitment.  And deservedly so, considering the exhausting pressures she’s recently had to endure.  In situations where many would have crumpled, patience and proper preparation have saved this determined girl’s dreams.  Her reward?  An enduring marriage that is rich both in romance and material treasures.  Although blessed with more perseverance and emotional strength than many a male — this girl is eternally feminine.  Sensual and passionate, her gown will be designed to stun.  But never forget her practicality.  Don’t be surprised to see the dress later transformed into an evening gown.   The style will be sexy, but with the minimum of fuss.  The romance of a sweetheart neckline falling gently off the shoulder will capture her imagination ... perhaps with a chiffon shawl collar to add a touch of feminine modesty and mystery.  Captivated by her stunning beauty, her devoted groom will vow to hold her hand and dreams close to his heart forever.


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Author: Tanya Obreza

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