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Sev Space

Is a hilarious range of cartoon parodies by Australian cartoonist John Cook.

They spoof a wide range of movies and TV shows (Battlestar Galatica, Star Gate, Bablylon 5, Buffy, Star Trek, The X files etc). Special attention is also paid to the latest blockbusters such as the Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter films, Spiderman and Shrek are routinely lampooned!

Popular Sev Space series include Sev Wars, Sev Trek, Sev Files, Sevtrix, Bluffy, Fraud of the rings, Hairy Plopper, Schlock, Sevylon 5, Battlesev Galaxative to name a few.

The parody nature of Sev Space has made it instantly popular among Sci-Fi fans worldwide and has attracted a strong following of online and newspaper followers, who suggest many of the storylines and gags!

The website attracts half a million visitors per month. A 3D animated Sev Trek Movie (parodying Star Trek) has recently been released on video (See Auspac Media Press release section).

Author: John Cook

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