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New Year Forecast by Tanya Obreza

Aries - The Ram

March 21 to April 20


Brave.  Aries rarely takes a back seat in life.  Ruled by Mars, your fiery nature burns with passion and pride.  Your contagious personality assures no shortage of love and friendships.  But you’ve always been a wild-child.


Saturn makes demands - lots of them; and for the next two years - the dictate falls on work and career.  Here, there’s good news and bad.  This Saturn transit often corresponds with a well-deserved move up the professional ladder; but only if you have worked hard in the past. If you've made very little effort, the opposite could happen. But don’t be tempted to blame others for past failures.  Accept the consequences of your own actions. If need be, look to older colleagues or mentors for support - help is there if you need it.  

Love & Work

Your daring spirit has you longing for adventure, but you might want to travel alone in the early months. Early April, however, encourages you to flaunt your talents - be they personal or professional.  You can afford to trash whatever seems outmoded or unproductive.  Should stress seem endless, release pent up emotions.  Exercise would do, although a romantic romp is much more fun. Cash in on July’s financial opportunities.  September may bring the challenge of relocation.  October reveals your inner psyche and the message is loud and clear:  forgive and forget.  November stays hectic, with horizons expanding and goals becoming more defined.   Work activities attract romance. 


  • Financial setbacks restrict spending power until early February.  Look to colleagues and friends for cash-saving ideas. 
  • Mystery surrounds April, but if you sense deceit, make a clean break.  By June, singles rediscover the dating and mating game.  Couples reignite passion. 
  • Year’s end finds you questioning recent decisions.  If you really do feel you’re in the wrong situation, September offers an escape clause.  

Taurus - The Bull

April 21 to May 20


Strong-willed.  It’s true that you can be stubborn, but it’s this tenacity that enables Taureans to pursue goals long after everyone else has given up.  A true hedonist - you adore money and pleasure. Health may need extra care.  You’re prone to throat and back problems and, oh yes - overindulgence!


Saturn introduces a new spirit into your life, making you tenacious in a non-confronting way.  You also become more serious in your efforts to exchange ideas and opinions, or develop new skills.  The next few years is also a period of trial and error.  The true test, however, comes in learning to overcome obstacles. When one way is blocked, find another. When one method fails, devise a new one.  But it’s not all work - your sex drive is in top gear, and there’s plenty of time for play.  

Love & Work

The doors of opportunity are about to swing wide open.  As you prepare for the future think big, think love and think abundance.  Should late March finalise a chapter in your life - take stock and follow up with positive action. Taurean passions can be slow to ignite, but through the winter months, you discover that forbidden fruits taste all the sweeter.  Seize the moment and set out on a journey of erotic discovery.  Should August launch your career on to a public platform, be ready.   If you feel a tad blue in July, perhaps a casual, no-holds-barred romance is what’s needed. 


  • Nervous?  Possibly, but no one would notice.  January brings with it a time of rapid achievement.  Your confidence suggests that whatever you want, you’ll get. 
  • As your birthday approaches, make a wish - you just may get it.  An old friend or love returns to surprise you.   
  • September signals a powerful attraction to a work colleague, though perhaps it’s best to avoid this particular temptation.  Just for now, keep it strictly business.

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Author: Tanya Obreza

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