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Mind Twister

Example 1

1. What is next in this series? 

400, 441, 484, 529, 576, 625, …       

Answer: 676 (262) Squares of numbers from 20 to 26

2. “Hasta la vista, baby!” is to Arnold as “Ask yourself a question: Do I feel lucky?” is to …?

Answer: Clint. (Arnold Schwazenegger in Terminator 2 / Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry)

3. What two words could describe a wooer with a high opinion of himself?

 Answer: Vain swain

4. These timely words are missing their vowels. Can you put them back?


Answer: Tomorrow, immediately, eventide, nightfall, decade, nevermore, jiffy, anon

5. Can you fill the spaces with words related to types of transport to make new words?

***EL,  S***ILY, ***ANTIC, M***RE, EN***MENT

Answer: CARTel, sCARily, GIGantic, mCABre, enTRAINment

Example 2

1. A woman drives her car a set distance at sixty kilometres an hour and arrives at her destination on hour earlier than if she had driven at fifty kilometres an hour.

What was the distance?

Answer: 300 kilometres (60 times 5 = 300, 50 times 6 = 300)

2. What is unusual about these letters? LDKANTQMD

Answer: If you move each one foward one place in the alphabet they spell MELBOURNE 

3. Can you find the word that ends the first and starts the second e.g. news(paper)boy?

a) child(**)wink

b) ray(**)set 

c) be(**)life

d) tor(**)den


a) childhood, hoodwink

b) rayon, onset

c) below, lowlife

d) torrid, ridden

4. What do these words have in common - handover, gullet, wrench, whenever, scarecrow, railway, regretfully, prowling, craven, balloon?

Answer: They all contain the name of a bird - dove, gull, wren, hen, crow, rail, egret, owl, raven, loon

5. What word could fill the spaces to make new words? ****LY, S****, P****S, E****D, FO****, TRANS****, DI****D, RE****

Answer: LATE (lately, slate, plates, elated, folate, translate, dilated, relate)

Author: Mark Scrivener

Author Bio: read

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