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Melbourne Cup Astrology Forecast

Melbourne Cup 

But once a year at Flemington

A horse race stops us all

And we hold our breaths and listen

To the commentator’s call

For never has there been a race

That holds such fascination

Than the race they run at Flemington,
The Race that stops the nation…

While Vivienne McCredie’s iconic poem captures the flavour of The Day, what do the stars have to say?

*ARIES:   Uranus being the planet of surprises, the Uranian catchcry is ‘expect the unexpected’. And with this joker wild in your sign anything can (and given half a chance will) happen, which totally suits your devil-may-care, easy-come, easy-go attitude to placing a wager on The Big Day. Dedicated Aries will of course have their own very definite preferences, but any Rams planning on just closing their eyes and stabbing the form guide with a skewer might first consider names suggesting Martian themes of heat, fire, storms, bravery, fighting or the colour red, because there’s plenty to choose from this year. Tuesday’s reputedly your lucky day, so what is there left to say but ‘May the horse be with you’…

*TAURUS:   Comfort-loving Taureans are constitutionally more inclined towards couch and widescreen plasma with a coldie than turf-side crush with celebrity crew – and aren’t easily parted from their hard-earned… But you do like money, honey, and with The Cup paying over $6 mil in prizes, can you afford not to at least have a flutter (even an all-out splurge) on the country’s biggest betting event? Since you’re impressed by size, larger horses will be most likely to catch your eye. Where colour’s concerned, red is of course considered wrong for Bulls, but the blue spectrum, especially when teamed with the number 5 and a name to do with music, nature or food, might just be the recipe that turns your money green. 

*GEMINI:   Contemporary style-blazers who love dressing up, Geminis thrive on the social vibe of Cup Day buzz: though international Gemini masters of ‘hatiquette’ Stephen Jones and Philip Treacy’s exquisitely whimsical chapeaux aren’t the kind you’d pull office sweep names out of – that sweep you’re most likely to be organising, along with Cup lunch and compering the local fashion show. Your personal planet Mercury is currently in the sign of speed, but horses can be withdrawn for many reasons (even last minute at the starting gates) so it's worth doing the Twin thing, hedging your bets and backing two. Luck magnets for your astrological sign are mellow yellow, the number 2 and names to do with communications, media, fashion, language or air. 

Author: Lilith Rocha

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