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Easter Trivia Questions x 20

The Easter Quiz 

         1.   Which food is traditionally served on Shrove Tuesday?

         2.   Who is the voice of the Easter Bunny in the 2011 movie, Hop?

         3.   How many pieces of silver did Judas receive to betray Jesus Christ?

         4.   In which two months of the year is Easter generally held?

         5.   Who wrote the poem, Easter, 1916?

         6.   The first Easter baskets were made to look like what type of thing?

         7.   In the Christian religion, what name is given to the Sunday before Easter?

         8.   What is the traditional flower of Easter?

         9.   Which two people wrote the 1957 novel, The Easter Bunny That Overslept?

     10.   Who requested Jesus\' body for burial?

     11.   Which famous running race is held on Easter Monday every year in Victoria?

     12.   What is the Australian alternative to the Easter Bunny?

     13.   Who were the two main stars of the 1948 movie, Easter Parade?

     14.   In the Western Christian calendar, what is the first day of Lent?

     15.   How many people were at the Last Supper?

     16.   Traditionally, Ascension Day is celebrated how many days after Easter?

     17.   Easter Island is located in which body of water?

     18.   Which society runs the Sydney Royal Easter Show?

     19.   The Easter Vigil is most commonly started in the evening of which day?

     20.   In which country did the 1916 Easter Rising insurrection take place

Author: Ric Allport

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