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Christmas 50 Trivia Questions

1 In Christian art, what is the theme depicting the birth of Christ.
2 How many reindeer draw Santa's sleigh.
3 Christian 1 was king of which three countries.
4 From what is the word Christmas derived.
5 How many days in an ordinary year are there before Christmas day.
6 Who introduced the Christmas tree custom to the general population in Great Britain.
7 What is the most-used headline in Department Store Christmas advertising.
8 In the song, to whom did Santa deliver toys in Six White Boomers.
9 What is the Christmas Atoll in the Pacific also known as.
10 In northern Europe, what does the term"Yule" mean.
11 Who wrote the famous phrase in a newspaper "Yes.Virginia, there is a Santa Claus."
12 Where does the X used in Xmas come from?
13 Who first wrote the story of Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer?
14 Chevy Chase starred in which 1989 movie about Christmas?
15 What is Santa Claus called in Brazil?
16 What was the fortieth day after Christmas formerly called?
17 Which poet first wrote "For Christmas comes but once a year"?
18 The name of which of Santa's reindeer starts with V?
19 On Christmas day of which year was Charlemagne crowned King of the Roman Empire?
20 Where is the city of Christiansted?

Author: Alex Findlay

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